Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday, the 31th of December

The delegation of the Day (Germany) woke up all the people with some music.

After breakfast, we played a game, where you have to pass the Ball to someone in the circle and call his name.

This is a Picture of another game.

We played a game, where you had to cross a river where a crocodile was (the guy in Green). He called a colour. If you had the colour, you could cross the river without danger, otherwise, the crocodile could catch you. If you had been caught, you become a plant that cannot move and you can catch other people.

New years ave for AustrĂ¡lia.

New years ave for Japan.

Japanese super-Renan!

We had an activity, where we should presentate something without speaking.

A colour was shown and we had to show something, we compare with this colour.
An activity, where we had to paint something, we compare with the music, that was played. First, we had our own paper and in the end we all draw a big picture together.

Another colour-game.
It was not 12h00 am yet but ...
New years ave for Germany.
New years ave for Sweden.
New years ave for Norway.
New years ave for France.
All together now!
Our Brasilian New Years Eve!
Benny's fanny face!
First 2009 lullabies.
Happy Birthday Seline!!
Making our 2009 wishes!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First Days of Camp

"I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it, I like to... MOVE IT!!!"

And, finally, the kids have arrived !! We were sooooo happy to finally meeting them, after long months of expectations... and also, their leaders couldn't be happier to recieve their little "sons" and "daughters" back from a two day weekend off.

The first two days of camp we more focused on getting to know each other, learning our names, and just having fun at this new amazing place. After presenting their delegations, meeting new friends, and getting to know the beautiful Staff it was time to leave their first mark in the world, as Footprinters. All delegations helped us to plant a tree at our campsite, which will be left here as a mark our Village left for the whole society involved in our Village.

So, right after leaving a remarkable footprint we got our camp pictures taken (YES, this soon... and you'll know the reason why in just a bit).

With that being said, the Footprint Staff would like to welcome you all to... FOOTPRINT VILLAGE !!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Camp Preparation

Well, the camp started a little earlier for us Staffs, on January 26th we were already inside our beautiful campsite finishing to prepare everything, and getting everything all set for what was to come on the next few days. It was a lot of work, we had to turn a school into and awesome campsite for a Village, and we think we did a pretty good job.

But also, in between all those moments of harsh and extreme strength capability, there were moments when we could just enjoy our time and appreciate the best part of being a Staff in a Village camp…. WE GET TO WEAR COOL HATS !!!!

And so, after a full day of preparation, the big day had come, January 27th… Day 1 !!! The day the leaders and JC´s arrived, leaving the kids with out lovely and responsible CISV Host-families. Down here you can see a picture of the whole Staff group together, just a few minutes before the group of leaders arrived to the campsite...

As you can see, the first weekend without the kids wasn’t easy; there were lots and lots of work to do and things to decide. So the leaders couldn’t waste time, and we all went straight to work!

Well guys... this was a little something of how all the preparation for this amazing camp was. Be ready to get the post of our first days with the camp full of kids running around !!! Hope you all enjoyed.
Footprint Staff

Friday, December 26, 2008

Welcome to Footprint Village

Well Helloooooo parents, friends, participants, or anyone who is just interested in getting to know more about the most amazing Village Camp in the history of CISV Milky-Way, the Footprint Village.

We, the Staff, would like to start off by saying “sorry” to all of you who had been waiting for this... our internet in the camp had not been functioning at all until today, but from now on, we promise to keep you posted more and more.
Second, we would like to thank all you parents who were brave enough to let your kids fly through oceans to come and spend the time of their lives with us…you can be sure that we, and also the leaders, are doing the best we can to make this Village unforgettable for everyone.

So from now on, sit back, relax, enjoy the ride, and welcome to FOOTPRINT VILLAGE !!!

Footprint Staff