Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday, the 31th of December

The delegation of the Day (Germany) woke up all the people with some music.

After breakfast, we played a game, where you have to pass the Ball to someone in the circle and call his name.

This is a Picture of another game.

We played a game, where you had to cross a river where a crocodile was (the guy in Green). He called a colour. If you had the colour, you could cross the river without danger, otherwise, the crocodile could catch you. If you had been caught, you become a plant that cannot move and you can catch other people.

New years ave for AustrĂ¡lia.

New years ave for Japan.

Japanese super-Renan!

We had an activity, where we should presentate something without speaking.

A colour was shown and we had to show something, we compare with this colour.
An activity, where we had to paint something, we compare with the music, that was played. First, we had our own paper and in the end we all draw a big picture together.

Another colour-game.
It was not 12h00 am yet but ...
New years ave for Germany.
New years ave for Sweden.
New years ave for Norway.
New years ave for France.
All together now!
Our Brasilian New Years Eve!
Benny's fanny face!
First 2009 lullabies.
Happy Birthday Seline!!
Making our 2009 wishes!

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