Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First Days of Camp

"I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it, I like to... MOVE IT!!!"

And, finally, the kids have arrived !! We were sooooo happy to finally meeting them, after long months of expectations... and also, their leaders couldn't be happier to recieve their little "sons" and "daughters" back from a two day weekend off.

The first two days of camp we more focused on getting to know each other, learning our names, and just having fun at this new amazing place. After presenting their delegations, meeting new friends, and getting to know the beautiful Staff it was time to leave their first mark in the world, as Footprinters. All delegations helped us to plant a tree at our campsite, which will be left here as a mark our Village left for the whole society involved in our Village.

So, right after leaving a remarkable footprint we got our camp pictures taken (YES, this soon... and you'll know the reason why in just a bit).

With that being said, the Footprint Staff would like to welcome you all to... FOOTPRINT VILLAGE !!!!


  1. Hello peaple
    I'm very happy to have some news from the camp and see that is OK!!
    We hope you're doing the best and having a lot of fun

    Celia Brazil

  2. Hello guys!!!
    We are glad to finally have some news from you, and to know you are having a great time.
    The camp looks awesome, we will be expecting more photos and news....

    Carla and Jorge