Sunday, January 04, 2009

Team Canada was the Delegation of the Day!

We had Flag Time and sang the CISV song before eating breakfast at 8:30am.

Our first activity was “The Fastest Tag in the West”। Everyone was “it” and you had to be the last person standing in order to win.

We were paired up with someone else from camp and we each had to write a list of things that were important to us. Then we were told to decorate a box that would hold our “most important things” list and an egg.

We had to protect our egg as though it was the most important thing in the world. It represented the things that we wrote down on our list. We weren’t allowed leave our egg alone and both partners had to share responsibility for it. Some people chose to decorate the egg as though it was a baby.

Next we had free time. Some of us made bracelets, some played soccer and others read a book.

Lunch was spaghetti with sauce.

Siesta was after lunch from 1:30 until 2:30. During Siesta the JC shop is open (the place to buy candy). The Egg-Sitter was also open during Siesta.
After Siesta we played Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is blindfolded and Juliet has her ankles tied together. Romeo calls for Juliet and Juliet responds while trying to hop away (she doesn’t want to be caught by Romeo).

Next we played “Cinderella”. We were divided into 8 groups and we had to act out the story of Cinderella in a special way. One group was Hippie style, another was Matrix, one couldn’t use sound, one was backwards, etc.

When we presented our skit, the staff wasn’t paying attention. They played soccer, talked, ran around and walked on stage. They were trying to prove a point. They wanted us to know what it felt like when people don’t respect each other. After the presentations, we debriefed to talk about how we felt.

Snacktime was next. We had bread with cheese, Nutella or Dulce Leche.

Then we all had shower time followed by Delegation Time. Delegation Time means we spend time with our delegation to talk about “stuff”. We talk about how we like camp, our National Night and anything else we want to.

Dinner was made by the France Delegation for their National Night. We had to dress up and we were seated in couples at candlelight tables. We started with “Lyon Salad” – lettuce with tomatoes, eggs, bacon and a mustard dressing. The boys had to get the girls a drink and bring it to their table. The main course was potatoes with a cream sauce and a Lyon sausage. Dessert was Praline Pie – it was SO GOOD!

Between the courses, everyone got up and danced between the tables.

After dinner was the rest of France’s National Night. The presented a skit for us and then taught us a dance. Then they gave us a sheet of questions about France that we had to answer with our delegation.

They gave each of us a cheese-like container with a candy, perfume and descriptions and pictures about themselves.

Then we gathered for Flag Time and the CISV song before going to the Lullaby Room. We sang lullabies and then went to our beds. The leaders came in to give us hugs and kisses goodnight and then we went to sleep.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


“Children having fun” (CR, SWE, CAN)

“Kitchen Staffs appear!!!” “thanks all of you guys”

“kitchen Staffs working during the breakfast”

“Dulce de Leite”Desert from Argentina for their national निघत"

“Hmmm.... was really good”

“Kids divided in 6 groups to do the first activity”

“Human pyramid” made for the activity task”

The jury were made by an happy, a bad and a crazy Guy” (the staffs)

“All the groups got together for the last task”

"Crazy leaders having fun” (Ger, Per, Aus)

“Tchê Tchê coleeeee energyzer for the second activity”

“The Love among leader and delegate”

“The second activity was divided into two groups, jungle peoples and engineer”

“Jungle people creating their own language and culture to ask the enginner to build a bridge for them”

“Jungle people trying to ask for the enginner to build the bridge”

“Crazy dance like jungle people communication”

“The bridge made by the enginners”

“Kitchen staffs helping us to prepare the snacks”

"uoopppssssssssssssss..... cleaning the paint dropped on the floor”

“Argentina dinner”(we ate typical foods from Argentina)

“Nor, Bra, Ger”

“Leader and delegate having fun while Argentina national night was preparing the stuffs”

“Argentina typical clothes”

“The delegates from Argentina dancing tango”

“Movie from Argentina”

“Staffs and Argentina delegation

Friday, January 02, 2009

Aussie Aussie Aussie.... oi oi oi!

We began the day at 8am with some loud Australian music, followed by Flag Time at 8:25am.

Breakfast went smoothly and we chose who got their breaky first by asking them questions about Australia.

Due to rain, the first activity was relocated and changed to the under cover football court. We all enjoyed playing the running game Octopus and before we new it, it was time for free time! Woo hoo, everyone loves this time of the day. It gives us a chance to relax, talk to our friends, play a game or do some art and craft activities.

After free time, came lunch time! Also, another favourite part of the day. We ate some traditional Brazilian food and we enjoy trying different foods.

Siesta time…… or JC shopping time! This part of the day, allows us to have some quiet time or even have a siesta. During this time, the JC shop is open for half an hour and they sell a selection of chocolates, candy and soft drinks.

Get ready to …… get your hair done…what? The next activity was titled `Mad Hair Parade`, and it was certainly crazy! We were split up into groups and allocated a leader. It was the group´s job to make their leader´s hair the wildest, craziest, maddest and wackiest hair-do ever, using what ever you could find. Now, when we say what ever…. we really do mean what ever. Some groups used shampoo, leaves, toothpaste, empty cans, detergent, streamers, rubbish and mud! We all felt sorry for the people who had their hair done. Later on the leaders modeled their hair styles and a winner was decided by a panel of judges (Nati from Australia).

Mud bath anyone? After our Mad Hair Day catwalk, we all went outside and completed a water, apple and flour related obstacle course. It was messy but fun! As it had been raining, the football field was extremely muddy and quite disgusting. By the end of the activity, there was not a clean piece of clothing nor child to be seen.

After some really long showers, we had dinner and started our last activity the Fax Machine. Everyone was placed into four lines and the end person was given a picture to then draw on the next person’s back. The next person did the same, until everyone in the line had passed on the drawing without talking. The front person then had to draw the image that they felt on their own back, onto a piece of paper. Thank God it was a relaxing and calm activity that we all enjoyed.

As the day drew to an end, a special time of the night came along. Lullabies! The Australian delegation enjoyed selecting the songs for lullabies and we then went to bed. We were exhausted, what a day!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

CAMP DIARY 01/01/2009

We had a late wake up, because the Day before we had the New year´s party.
Activity one: We had an orchestra energizer on the beginning

After that we played mini banana:

Then we sang the song singing in the rain:

During siesta time the JC SHOP opened for the first time!!!

During the afternoon, in Activity II we played a game where we had to collect as many as footprints as we could going through different stations. Each station gave you a card with a colour and when you had to trade that for footprints. What we learned from the game was that is better to work as a team!!!

In activity III we made a recycled purse and mail box that we will be using for other activity!!

We really enjoyed the day and had a lot of fun!!!!

Hugs and kisses for everyone!!

Mica, Mili, Mateo, Pela, Belu.