Friday, January 02, 2009

Aussie Aussie Aussie.... oi oi oi!

We began the day at 8am with some loud Australian music, followed by Flag Time at 8:25am.

Breakfast went smoothly and we chose who got their breaky first by asking them questions about Australia.

Due to rain, the first activity was relocated and changed to the under cover football court. We all enjoyed playing the running game Octopus and before we new it, it was time for free time! Woo hoo, everyone loves this time of the day. It gives us a chance to relax, talk to our friends, play a game or do some art and craft activities.

After free time, came lunch time! Also, another favourite part of the day. We ate some traditional Brazilian food and we enjoy trying different foods.

Siesta time…… or JC shopping time! This part of the day, allows us to have some quiet time or even have a siesta. During this time, the JC shop is open for half an hour and they sell a selection of chocolates, candy and soft drinks.

Get ready to …… get your hair done…what? The next activity was titled `Mad Hair Parade`, and it was certainly crazy! We were split up into groups and allocated a leader. It was the group´s job to make their leader´s hair the wildest, craziest, maddest and wackiest hair-do ever, using what ever you could find. Now, when we say what ever…. we really do mean what ever. Some groups used shampoo, leaves, toothpaste, empty cans, detergent, streamers, rubbish and mud! We all felt sorry for the people who had their hair done. Later on the leaders modeled their hair styles and a winner was decided by a panel of judges (Nati from Australia).

Mud bath anyone? After our Mad Hair Day catwalk, we all went outside and completed a water, apple and flour related obstacle course. It was messy but fun! As it had been raining, the football field was extremely muddy and quite disgusting. By the end of the activity, there was not a clean piece of clothing nor child to be seen.

After some really long showers, we had dinner and started our last activity the Fax Machine. Everyone was placed into four lines and the end person was given a picture to then draw on the next person’s back. The next person did the same, until everyone in the line had passed on the drawing without talking. The front person then had to draw the image that they felt on their own back, onto a piece of paper. Thank God it was a relaxing and calm activity that we all enjoyed.

As the day drew to an end, a special time of the night came along. Lullabies! The Australian delegation enjoyed selecting the songs for lullabies and we then went to bed. We were exhausted, what a day!

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