Thursday, January 01, 2009

CAMP DIARY 01/01/2009

We had a late wake up, because the Day before we had the New year´s party.
Activity one: We had an orchestra energizer on the beginning

After that we played mini banana:

Then we sang the song singing in the rain:

During siesta time the JC SHOP opened for the first time!!!

During the afternoon, in Activity II we played a game where we had to collect as many as footprints as we could going through different stations. Each station gave you a card with a colour and when you had to trade that for footprints. What we learned from the game was that is better to work as a team!!!

In activity III we made a recycled purse and mail box that we will be using for other activity!!

We really enjoyed the day and had a lot of fun!!!!

Hugs and kisses for everyone!!

Mica, Mili, Mateo, Pela, Belu.

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