Saturday, January 03, 2009


“Children having fun” (CR, SWE, CAN)

“Kitchen Staffs appear!!!” “thanks all of you guys”

“kitchen Staffs working during the breakfast”

“Dulce de Leite”Desert from Argentina for their national निघत"

“Hmmm.... was really good”

“Kids divided in 6 groups to do the first activity”

“Human pyramid” made for the activity task”

The jury were made by an happy, a bad and a crazy Guy” (the staffs)

“All the groups got together for the last task”

"Crazy leaders having fun” (Ger, Per, Aus)

“Tchê Tchê coleeeee energyzer for the second activity”

“The Love among leader and delegate”

“The second activity was divided into two groups, jungle peoples and engineer”

“Jungle people creating their own language and culture to ask the enginner to build a bridge for them”

“Jungle people trying to ask for the enginner to build the bridge”

“Crazy dance like jungle people communication”

“The bridge made by the enginners”

“Kitchen staffs helping us to prepare the snacks”

"uoopppssssssssssssss..... cleaning the paint dropped on the floor”

“Argentina dinner”(we ate typical foods from Argentina)

“Nor, Bra, Ger”

“Leader and delegate having fun while Argentina national night was preparing the stuffs”

“Argentina typical clothes”

“The delegates from Argentina dancing tango”

“Movie from Argentina”

“Staffs and Argentina delegation

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